That Veda certainly is a whirlwind, isn’t she?

Hello there,
been a busy weekend. We had a jam with our friends, Peggy and Al. We went to a cookout @ our friends, Rise’ and Pierce’s house, which was fun and interesting. Seems that Pierce’s daughter Angie , while working in South Africa, met and married a very nice young man named Joshua, who came back with her to the good old U.S of A. There was a midwestern cookout where everyone could meet and greet. We had a good time and hope everyone else did too. Food, conversation, sharing, music, and hugs were the menu for the evening.
Today, we geeked, cleaned, shopped, cooked, mowed, ate, napped, more geeking/blogging, and now winding down the day.

We’re trying to get the Memorial day weekend set up now, so we can take the most advantage of the time off. Mary may come. We definately will be going to the third in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, arrrrr. I’m not sure how we can top the last visit to the last one. Several of us went as a group, or crew and had a great time. Professional people with neck ties around their heads as pirate scarves. . . Yup. . .
So, we’re making dinner now, and reviewing the weekend, with positive results.
Bye bye

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