How life becomes a food blog

Hello there,
if you have been following our other blogs, you know that we go in cycles of doing the everyday things that people do in everyday life, to having wonderful adventures across the country. San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Madison, Las Vegas, we never know where we will be from week to week. Sometimes, when we are watching television, we are constantly commenting “been there, seen that, done that, been there too”. We have been so lucky to have had such adventures and good friends to share them with. . .
However, have you ever noticed that in every series of adventure pics that I post here or on flickr, or picasa, that there is an abundance of food pics? We go to New York, Manhattan to see a Broadway play, and in the group of photos are several of dinner. We go to San Francisco with good friends, a day that I won’t forget, and there it is again, food, i.e. dinner.
It’s not that we live and travel to eat, and fill ourselves with food, but, I think that there is some ritual or ancient tradition that when friends are gathered with you, you are secure from danger, you are having a good time, sharing a moment out of the perils of life, you share food and happiness in a way that’s different from pretty much everything else. We are not visiting the restaurant to study the cuisine, or to review it, but if it’s well prepared and enjoyable, the sharing is just that much better.

It’s not so much that we are going to eat, or dine, but one must eat, and it’s @ the dinner table sometimes that we share things with others and ourselves, both gastronomically and spiritually, that makes it a special day or occasion.

Woke up thinking about this and several other things, but, it’s time for coffee and breakfast. . .
Bye bye. . .

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