Can’t leave well enough alone, or, no good deed goes unpunished


forgot to blog for a while. Sorry.

Been busy with work, an open house there. Plus, we are having a yard sale on Saturday.  Plus, I have been trying to install a wireless card in my neighbors computer, so she can ‘borrow’ her wifi off us instead of using dial up (gasp).  However, I bought the card off ebay, and it didn’t come with a cd, so I downloaded the drivers from linksys.   I downloaded the wrong drivers, so, it didn’t work, and when I left there a little while ago, we couldn’t even get her dial up to work.  Arrrrrrr.  Technology is such a love/hate relationship.  When it works, it’s wonderful.  When it does not, it’s hell on earth, or wherever you are.   Gotta head over tomorrow after my haircut to f***k with it more, and either fix it or forget it.   Just can’t leave well enough alone.

Thanks,   I’ll feel better after my cute wife gets home.    See ya. . .

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