The Ever Popular Friday Update


whew, what a week.   “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. Yeah, I know, I use that a lot.   It’s true a lot.     This week, Maggie found out that her battle with the cholesterol monsters inside her was going much better than the cardiologist let on, damn him.   Since January, she has made great progress in lowering her ‘bad’ cholesterol. All the  modification in diet has payed off.   Needless to say, we are both in a much better place ‘cuz of it.   Our friend Shirley came back to the midwest yesterday to see her mom who had surgery, but is not coming around as quickly as hoped.   Unfortunately, her flight was delayed for over 4 hours, so, when arriving @ O’Hare, she had missed the last bus to town.  My friend Jeff and I had a guys road trip in to pick her up.  No one should be forced to sleep on a bench in an airport unless weather is beyond control, so we met her flight @ one this morning, and brought her back.  Got home and to bed around 3:30, and got up an hour later.  Well worth the trip, but I’m wore out. . .  Don’t bounce back as quickly as I used to . ..   Mmmmmmmm   😦

Cheeseburgers and a spot on the sofa next to my lovely wife tonight.  Oh, she is able to wear Mary’s clothes now. ..  .   Wow, good for her.

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