Blogging, or living, isn’t for wimps.

well, it’s been a long day.  Work was goofy as always before a holiday weekend.   How can adults, with calendars in their cubicle, and more calendars in their computers, get the date wrong on an order?  I am just dumbfounded that one can let that happen, if for no other reason, that it’s embarrassing.  the reply of ” you have time to do it” just doesn’t hold water, or anything else, for that matter.
And then, Maggie had her first visit with the cardiologist since her ‘episode’ in January.  You know, a little encouragement goes a long way with people that have feelings and are human beings. In other words, she did great.  Lost weight, B.P. down, cholesterol not too bad, but no, that isn’t enough, and in some ways shouldn’t be enough. However, the doctor, who had an accident as a child and had his personality removed,  just talked about, in a perfect world, what he would like to do or have done with blood work, levels, stress, and so many other things.  It’s kinda overwhelming to someone who is having difficulty with so much at one time.   Not a lot of difficulty, but it would be nice to hear encouragement once in a while.
We could all use some encouragement once in a while. . .
So, people, lighten up on each other sometimes. . . . and be encouraging. . .
Can’t hurt. . .  much. . .

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