go`%&159th!7`%*(_gq’- or, better passwords

just an obsessive note to our friends that read my/our blogs. Are your passwords good? Are you using a password that can’t be easily hacked? You aren’t using a word that can be found in the dictionary, are you? Not your pet’s name, or children’s names, are you? You are changing your passwords occasionally, aren’t you?
1- Don’t use a word that can be found in a dictionary! Hackers use dictionaries to check for that. . .
2-Use a password that is random. Letters, numbers, punctuation, all mixed together are the best form of encryption, along with upper and lower case letters, with a password that’s over 8 characters long. You can use numbers for letters if it’s a ‘word’ that means something to you and easier to remember. For example, George can be written as “Ge0(zero)rg3(three for ‘e’). So it would be Ge0rg3. Add * an asterisk, or something.
The reason to do that is simple. Security. Save yourself a bunch ‘o grief. You really don’t want to get hacked, and this is probably the easiest way to stop that, all things considered. Your behavior online helps too, along with using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer will go a long way too.
Too much coffee this morning, and listening to security podcasts have made me a security town cryer. . .
Let’s be careful out there. . .

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