that was the week that was

yes, we’re still here. Been a busy week, as it has for all of you too. Last Saturday evening we went out to dinner with Mollie & Bill to Outback steakhouse. . . Yes, they do actually have some healthy choices, as long as you are just a little bit careful as to not order the double butter/lard sauce on your prime rib. Had a good dining experience, and then on to a concert @ the Mendellsohn club with Tingstad & Rumbel perfoming. We have been watching and listening to them for ten years, and this was probably the best overall gig that they did, in my opinion. A really good cross section of their material and abilities. A really nice evening.
Over the week, it’s been the usual stuff of work, stuff @ home, and this & that. We are performing on the 17th as the opening act @ the Valentines jam @ the river house bed and breakfast. We have our set list, with a few surprises in it. . . We’ll be great. . .
Next Saturday, we are going to Chicago to see Wicked, thanks to Mollie & Bill. They were kind enough to plan the trip. Thank you!

Right now, it’s frickin’ 1 degree above zero, with a wind chill of -23. . . . I really hate this kind of weather. This is the warmest it will be in three days too, so, just have to buckle down and live with it, eh? Almost makes you want to talk like you from the U.P., der, eh?
Gonna go make some hot tea, and dream of warmer days of bike riding ’til the sweat runs into your eyes. Ah, heaven. . . .

Bye for now. . .

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