Gravity works. . .

haven’t fallen off the face, or any other part of the earth. . . Been a busy week @ work, and fighting the annual autumn sinus infection. More info than you may have wanted, but well, there it is.

To update, we went to a concert by artist Jennifer Berezan on Saturday evening. Interesting would be the way I would put it. Not my favorite, but a great guitarist with creative material. Quite the cross section of the populous. Militant pagans, middle age white people from Madison Wi, industrial strength lesbians, goofy midwesterners. . . Boy, what a mix, but the great thing about music is that everyone gets along. . . Tha’ts why we like it..
Otherwise, it’s been a zoo keeping up @ work. Human beings can only do so much before exhaustion exherts it’s self on a situation. Doens’t magtter how much bribery/money is thrown @ a person, you can only go so far. This tirade has been brought to you by tired people. . .
Today, we took it easy, rested a little, and had our friend Doug over for a jam. Not a bad one. He had a couple new compositions, and we had a couple new tunes too. In a few minutes, we’re off to McHenry to see Mike & Jan and have dinner and yet another jam with them. Good food, good friends, good music. Sounds like a commercial for something.
On to Starbucks. . ..

Later. . .

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