A dirge by any other name. . .

Hello there,

Well, we have had our usual share of weekend adventures. . . Errands. Coffee, lots of coffee. Yard work. All the things that one does in the autumn in the midwest. We also went to a local restaurant with our friends Chris, Jeff, Nancy, and Keith, to celebrate, or @ least engage in, Chris’s birhtday. After a really nice meal, with a quiet atmosphere, we headed back to Chris’s house for conversation, ok, more conversation, intermingling, catching up, dessert, and, presents. Choose the order of importance for you. . .
A good visit with all of us/them. We haven’t gotten together for a while, with life and schedules impeding things. Found our who was doing what, going where, thinging about, and railing over.
However, in our circle, or maybe it’s more of an elipse, when we sing ‘happy birthday’ to the crank of the evening, we do it a little differently than most groups of friends. We sing the birthday dirge. Started out years ago, when we discovered that most of us couldn’t carry a tune in a basket with big handles. So, to make it truely our own, we ‘modified’ the tune a little. . . Ok, a lot.
For a ‘taste’ of this performance, you can click here. . . Birthday Dirge

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