Is it soup yet?

well, here it is Friday evening, and the week has just flown by. Must not have been much going on, out of the ordinary, ‘cuz I didn’t blog anything. The most interesting thing of the week was that Maggie made four different kinds of soup for her coworkers, and to celebrate Bosses day early. As always, it was great. There is something almost therapeutic or dare I say, magical about hot soup on a cold day. Since we had more than an inch of snow (dust from satan), soup worked wonders for all. Everyone @ work had one crockpot. We have 5, not that we are compulsive. The right tool for the job, if you can consider soup a job. No adventures for us, out of the usual. Autumn is tightening it’s grip on the midwest. Cooler, shorter days, take some of the energy out of things, but, on the other hand, you can feel a bit of anticipation or something in the air. Or, it could just be the shivering in the evening. The leaves change, and so does the energy of the season. Wow, that was almost profound, or @ least, interesting.
Our friends Mollie and Bill made it back home safely from a trip to Colorado. An adventure for sure for them. The photos that they took make it look beautiful there. Tomorrow we get together with Jeff & Nancy and Keith to celebrate Chris’s birthday. that should be interesting. A broad spectrum of perceptions there. Brunch with the Legos on Sunday, and the ever popular fall yard work. A ritual of autumn that every home owner in the midwest likes to participate in. Okay, likes is a bit strong a word.
I’m curious to see what is experienced by monday.

So, to recap, . .
Busy work week.
Soup of four different varieties.
Snow. melted.
Trying to jam as much into time before winter locks us in it’s grip.

So, time for a long winters, or autumn’s nap. .. .

Later. . .. .

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