Deja View. . . .


So, you’re out and about doing fun summer things. You go here and there, have adventures, and the like, and someone is out there taking pictures. They take yours, and, for some reason, you seem to have the same shirt on. Haven’t worn it for two weeks, and there it is again, in the photo.
Kinda like a roaming gnome. . . No matter where you are, there that shirt is. Or, maybe it’s your lucky shirt. . . . No, not that kind of lucky. . . It’s your good luck for a great adventure shirt.
Or your ‘ we’ll have a fun day‘ shirt. Or, maybe even the ‘I’ll remember this day forever’ shirt. . .

We all have them. Your favorite shirt, or pants, or shoes. You wear them when you just know that today is going to be one of those great days. They make you feel good. My lucky backpack, ‘cuz I am certain that today is going to be way out of the ordinary. My fav jacket, ‘cuz it fits well and makes me look good. . . You know what I’m talking about.

My beautiful wife has a shirt like that. It gets to go places, and have adventures, and such. Or, maybe it’s a lucky shirt, as in, boy this shirt will have an adventure today. I’m not sure which way this goes, but, either way, this shirt has a charmed life on several levels.
Odd how things have a charmed life of their own. . . .

I seem to . . . . .

Or consider me very lucky,

I have her. . .

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