Magtimmag update. . . . sort of. .. ..

thanks for stopping by. Not much to report this morning. We’re all fine here. Some of us are enjoying the weather, and trying to take advantage of it before it becomes apparent that summer is really going to wind down into autumn. We’ve been busy with all the usual stuff. Yard work, work, bike riding, more work, and more yard work. Been trying to get out and bike ride as much as we can before the days become too short. I know. . . sounds like more obsessiveness, but, I ride to work as much as I can, and it’s much darker in the morning now, than just two weeks ago. By next week, I’ll either have to get a headlight, or go into work an hour later so I can see and be seen.
Went for a ride Monday evening with the Blackhawk Valley Bicycle Club. My friend Vern invited me, and I invited my friend Bill. It was fun. Started in Cherry Valley, and went south, and east and back around. Did almost 25 miles in an hour and a half ( the dark starting sooner thing). This weekend, we are going to go camping for the first time in, I believe, ten years. Or was it eleven? Anyway, we’re going to go to the Willow Folk Festival for the weekend. West of Freeport and then south. In the middle of nowhere. . . . Maggie wants to perform too. You get to do three songs, if you sign up in the morning. We’ll see. I’ll take the camera and camcorder to do some documentarying.
So, that’s it here. Gotta get off to work, and then tonight get the rest of the camping stuff ready. . .
Oh, keep our friend Lois in your thoughts. She’s 81, and had hip surgery.
Later. . .

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