The joys of Summer. . .

thanks for stopping by.   I really don’t have much to report today.  Our lives are simple this last week.   We have work, heat, and bike rides.  That’s pretty much it. . .  . Tod & Shirley have graciously abdicated the heat throne, and we have picked it up, so to speak.  So, we’re hot and sweaty (just the way I like it) and it seems to be going to stay that way for a couple days.   So, thanks for stopping by the Weather Channel blog. . .  No, not really.  
    Got new pedals and shoes for my bike this week.  Won the shoes on ebay for $20. Not bad for hundred dollar shoes.   Bought new pedals down @ Kegels bikes ( from our friend Robb. The interesting thing (yes, there is something interesting to this) about these is there are slots in the pedals that little cleats on the shoes fit into.  So, as you are riding and pedaling, your feet are actually attached to the bike.   The reason for this is to make it more exciting and dangerous.   As in Thursday on the way home from work, someone pulled around me and then STOPPED. Right then, right there.  Oh, to remove your feet from the pedals, you have to twist your foot sidways to ‘click’  the cleat in the bottom of the shoe and get it to disconnect.  However, this was my second time on the new accessories, and so, I had an imtimate encounter with this persons trunk, and then the curb, and then the ground before I heard the ‘click’ sound.   We ( the bike and I) survived, without a scratch, but we had a crash course in pedal disconnection.  We’ll do better next time.   You’d have been proud of me. Didn’t sound @ all like a pirate on leave. . . .
  Time to go.   Things to do, like hydrate. . . 
     Later. . . .  . 

2 thoughts on “The joys of Summer. . .

  1. I half expect to see you in the race next year! At least there wouldn't be as much car traffic. Ouch! Did the driver even stop to make sure you were OK?

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