. . .  I’m Melting. . . !

no, not really.  You know me better than that. It’s been toasty here, but nothing like what Tod and Shirley are having in California.   103 as I write this.    MMMM  MM….  I’ll take it.
   Just wanted to document that we’re alive.   Had a busy week, last, and a fun weekend. Spent the last 22 days watching the Tour de France on OLN tv.   Quite the race this year.  It’s odd watching and not cheering for Lance Armstrong, though Floyd  Landis pulled out an incredible win.   to watch 150 men on bicycles go 40 mph for 5 hours in 96* heat across the french countryside, and make it look easy.  Who’d a thought that this would be exciting, but it is !  We are inspired.
This and that, along with our favorite Sunday bike ride with Mollie and Bill.  Off we went, and ended up @ Panera’s for coffee and a roll.  How urbane. . . and civilized. . .    
Been riding my bike to work each day that it isn’t raining.   I have 100 miles in three weeks on the bike.   took all summer last year to get to that point.  
Geek club tomorrow evening, where I get to learn more and more about apples.   
  Anyway, just wanted to say hello, and to let you know that we’re still here, so to speak.
       Later. . . .

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