Zoom, zoom, zoom


Well, here we are again. It’s Friday evening, and we’ve made it through another week, though a short one. Some rest, relaxation, recreation, and yard work. It’s frickin’ hot here. Just the way some of us like it. Perfect for bike riding. Speaking of riding, my friend Jeff and I went around Rock Cut on Monday. Around 4.5 miles, though with the hills, it should be 10. Rode to work on Wednesday. It took 11 minutes to get there, and 15 to get home. I love it. Our friend Keith is going to help us repair the van on Saturday morning. He loves that stuff. I don’t. . . .
Not much new here otherwise. Still living in the glow of last weeks vacation. Good times. Good friends. Good life.

Good night. . . Gotta go do chores and errands first, then cashing it in.
Later. . . See ya. . .

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