More Vacation Adventures

Hello there,
We left off @ the Fourth of July, with a party @ Rise’ and Pierce house. A fun time with everyone. Pierce grilled steak and chicken with a special home made glaze, that was tastey. . ..
On to Wednesday, and yet more vacation adventures. On Monday we stopped @ Kegels bikes, ‘cuz we had a couple gift cards, and ended up getting new bikes. A good sale, good crew, and a great product. So, on Wednesday, we picked the bikes up, and took them out to the bike trail by Harlem high school and rode to Rock Cut Park. . . and back. Zoom, zoom, zoom. It’s so nice traveling down the road or path, hearing nothing but the wheels whirr on the pavement, and the birds chirping in the trees. Love to ride. In the evening, we went to see ‘A Prairie Home Companion’, and Robert Altman film. That was the flaw, it was an Altman film. Not bad, not good. But, a film adventure.
Thursday, we started slow, and then out to lunch @ a new restaurant here, Five Forks. Sort of a Cafe Patou like establishment. A nice lunch. Then we saw yet another movie, yes I know, it’s hard to believe. We saw ‘Cars’, a Pixar film. Good movie. Great effects. We’ll add that one to the cabinet when it comes out. We ended the day by grilling brats for dinner and watching Finding Nemo. That’s a great film.
Arrrr, Friday arrives, and we go for a ride out @ Caledonia. Nice day, and a good ride. However, we were just filling in time ’til 6:40 pm, when we go to Dead Mans Chest with Mollie, Bill, Pierce, Rise’ and Connie, Bill and Rise’s sister. It was so good to see pirates on the screen. If you liked the first movie, obviously, you’ll like the second one. Arrrrrr! Afterwards, we all went to Starbucks for coffee and a dessert, before heading back to port for the evening.
Today, Saturday, we’re not exactly sure what we’re gonna do. A couple things around town, and maybe just drive off into the sunset for the day.
gonna go do stuff, thanks for stopping by.
Later. . .

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