Here, There, and Everywhere. . .

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve had time to update this site. Been busy working, and vacationing. Time gets by so quickly when one is living.
So, what have we done, and where have we gone? It’s difficult for me to keep up with ourselves, so I’ll do the best I can.
Saturday, July first, we went to Madison Wisconsin to visit the Dane County Farmers Market ( WWW.DCFM.ORG) to purchase really fresh produce, cheese, and to experience the whole sensory event. You get to speak with the growers, bee keepers, bakers, and vendors. Such a fun time. You get a chance to pick up veggies and other items that were harvested the day before, or even that morning before dawn. It’s on the grounds around the state capitol building. Go sometime.
After purchasing our goodies, we put them in the cooler in the Vue and then went back to the capitol and took the building tour. Wow! If you have an interest in architecture, it’s well worth the trip. A beautiful building, with an observation deck that has a great view! We finished the tour of the capitol, and went to our favorite guitar store Madison Music (WWW.MADISONMUSIC.COM) For the last three years, we have managed to visit our friend, a genuinely nice guy, Mike Turk @ M. music, and come home with something new. Not this year, though. We found several great instruments, but . . . we didn’t really really need them. We were sooo disappointed. We’ll be back again though. Good people, and good product.
Sunday came, and we went to Chicago with our friends Mollie and Bill to wander through the Chicago Art Institute, and to see a play.
We were @ the metropolitan Museum of art in New York a couple weeks ago, so it’s been a month of fantastic art. To stand in front of a Van Gogh, or Hopper, or any of a hundred other timeless artists, is almost too much to take in. A face looking back @ you with a twinkle in their eye, that has been gone for three hundred and twenty five years. . . Whew. . .

My personal favorite, as always is Nighthawks by Edward Hopper. So much said with light and actually what isn’t said. . .

Had to tear out of the Institute and head up Michigan Ave to get to the play, which started @ 2. Went to THE TWENTYFITH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE (WWW.SPELLINGBEETHEMUSICAL.COM)@ Water tower place. It’s the same play we saw in NYC with Mary, but we wanted to see the difference between Chicago and NYC productions. A great production too. Had fun.
On the way back to the garage, we stopped @ the Moonstruck chocolate cafe, and had a coffee before heading back to Rockford. So urbane to sit and have a latte on Michigan Ave and watch people go by.
Tuesday, Bill and I went for a 40 mile bike ride to celebrate the fourth. We rode from their house to Pecatonica. We had breakfast @ a little cafe, and then took the long way round home. Whew. Kinda ran outta gas the last five or six miles. . . . outta practice.
When evening came, we went to Pierce & Rise’s for a cookout and to watch the fireworks in Cherry Valley. Something different and fun with friends.
Gotta go get the bikes ready for another ride. I’ll be back later to update the rest of the week. The Highlight tonight will be DEAD MANS CHEST the next pirates of the caribbean movie trilogy. Arrrrrrr. .. .
Later. . . .

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