Berries & Bikes. . .

Hi there,
Been a busy week of summer… Solstice, and a week of do this and that. Must be the scandinavian part of me instead the keltic that loves the land of the almost midnight sun. Or the O.C.D part that just doesn’t want to stop ’til it’s dark out. Our black raspberries behind the garage like this time of year too. They are over achievers when it comes to producing a lucious harvest.
Last night, we celebrated our friend Keith’s birthday, by making a run for the border to Don Pablos restaurant for dinner, and then back to Keith’s house for cake and pie and presents. All the usual suspects were there, though poor Jeff was fighting a cold. A summer cold really sucks in a feel bad way.
Anyway, Work wasn’t too bad this week. We’re getting ready for yet another week off next week. Vacation starts @ 3:19pm Friday. Go go go. Do do do, so to speak. Day trips, and fireworks.

Today we went over to our friends, the Legos, and then we rode out to Rock Cut Park. Almost 20 miles in a Hobbits tale of there and back. . .

Once to the park, we were confined to the shelter house, as a thunderstorm arrived just as we did. We hung out for an hour or so waiting for the deluge of thunder, lightning, and the ever present precipitation to come to a halt.
When it finally finished, we rode judiciously back down the path and through the backroads of Machesney Park, til we finally came to the other side of the river and back to the House of Lego, and safety.
Now home, after lunch and a preliminery planning session of what to do in Chicago next weekend, it’s a stormy afternoon of getting ready to go back to work, though comfortable in the knowledge that we gave it our best shot of having a good time for two days.
Time to prepare things for the onslaught of Monday and the work week. Stay dry and enjoy the beginning of summer. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!”. ..

Later. . . .

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