Is this Heaven? No, it’s Manhattan

It’s been a busy week, getting back into the swing of the work/slave thing. Haven’t had time ’til now to show you our adventure to a little bit of heaven in the middle of manhattan.

We were lucky enough to make the pilgrimage down the magic glass stairs to the coolest store I’ve ever been to.
The store is just loaded with all the toys you could imagine, but the really neat thing is that there are soooo many of them setup to play with. They had like 10 macbooks setup to experiment with. The same with the macbook pros, and everything else there.

I got to play with the macbooks, and the macbook pros too. I’ll take one of each. . . please.
The techs there were really nice, and are there to mind the store and answer any questions you have. I played for twenty minutes with the laptops and learned a lot. Talk about a circus though. 24/7 365 “we never close or sleep”.

So, if you get a chance, the next time you are around Central Park, stop in and play. Oh, there’s a Starbucks just a block down the street in the Trump building, in case you need a place to sit and talk yourself into a purchase. . .

No, I didn’t get anything, except a grande latte, but my fingers are crossed. . .
Have a good weekend,
Later. . .

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