Toto, we’re not in the big apple any more. . .

We’re on the bus headed back to home. We got up and wandered out from Mary’s one last time to snap and shop. Mainly for bagels and a Sunday Times. . . .

Packed up, rode to the airport, and all of a sudden, we’re ten miles from home. How ironic. Had a good time. Got to do things that none of us had before. It’s hard to absorb though. How things move @ such a different pace from the midwest. Fast, go, isolated, determined. I love the big city and all the things to do, but I love our house, our friends, and that we can get to anywhere in ten minutes. Good things in both places.
One never knows, but one can be @ home where ever you are.

Time to get off the bus and drive for once.

later, but not tonight, I’m tired.

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