The Manhattan adventure continues

so, we went and spent a bunch of Mary’s money, and got a cool tv for her. Tod helped with suggestions, and she actually used a few of them, though the final choice was hers. It’s her money and her tv. . .
Spent a couple hours resting, cuz we had a late night @ the theatre, and a busy morning shopping and moving furniture and assembling the new and improved entertainment area. . . Yeah, I know, sounds like a really fun trip to the big city, but hey, one person really can’t do something like that on their own there. It’s just too difficult. The streets are smaller than most streets here, and they’re most all one ways. Cars on both sides, and just enough room to squeeze by someone double parked taking in their paper towels and groceries. You really can’t comprehend unless you have been to Chicago or another city like this. Nothing like it in our neighborhood. . .

So, we did the family thing, and then we catered in chinese (the best I’ve ever had), and watched a movie on the new tv. Good to sit for awhile.

Time for dessert and a nap. ..

later. . .

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