It’s Friday. . . . . . .

it’s 8 am, est. and we just got up.   Had a day of running, shopping, more shopping, and some of this and thay yesterday.  Rain, rain, rain.  Nothing really interesting to report for the day. However, we went into Manhattan last night, and had dinner and went to a play.  It was  great.   Nothing like wandering Manhattan.  Makes Chicago seem like Cherry Valley ( a tiny town).    Today we’re headed out to get Mary a new tv.  It’s sunny, so we’ll take advantage of it.    Wander around Hoboken, and shop. There is the best chinese food I have ever had to partake of, and planning for the big adventure of tomorrow of all day in Manhattan.  East side, west side, all around the town.  
    So far so good with everyone. . .   Keep your fingers crossed. . . .

  Time for breakfast.

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