To Paradise and back

The days got away from me. Sorry. We went and did things, and I didn’t want to come back and sit in our room and be a geek for hours, so, here is an update of our trip.

We had a great time, as we knew we would.

It was great to see the boys, and Tod, and Shirley. We did things that none of had ever done before. We went to San Francisco, and ate in Chinatown. A daring adventure for four people from the midwest. Just picked a restaurant, and went in and ate. It was fun, the food was good, and . . . we survived to go on to other adventures in the city.
We went to where the company that Tod works for has a store, and saw the cool tv’s that the make and sell.

We went for a cable car ride north from the financial district to fishermans wharf and pier 39. We took a bay cruise tour out to the golden gate bridge and back ( a good thing). Wandered around town looking @ the sites and sounds and all the neat stores and architechture.

The bridge was huge, and Alcatraz was quite depressing. The lights of the city were beautiful, and it was amazing all the people from all over the world. We chatted with a young man from Germany that was here on work/visit. He gave us a different perspective of some our sites.
Chinatown was a whole other world to us. We were in the financial district to start our adventure. Tod thought that we should take the BART, or bay area rapid transit, into the city for a couple reasons. One, then he didn’t have to drive. That way he could enjoy the trip too. Second, when we were ready to leave, we wouldn’t have to worry about dozing off on the way back. Good idea, Tod!
Friday, we went to San Jose, to the Winchester Mystery house. Check out the website,, I think. Because of spirit issues, the house was built upon 24/7/365 for 38 years. Constantly. . .
Kinda odd, but interesting.
We got to see Tod’s office, and the commute that he takes through the hills each day. Beautiful. Like Wisconsin, only warmer and, I think, nicer, and you won’t hear me say that often.
Sunday, we went to Monterey, to the aquarium and stuff with the boys. they are getting soooo big. . . . When you see them, you realize just how much you really miss them, if that makes sense.

It was great to see our friends again. Distance cannot really separate good friends.
Anyway, I’m posting all our photos to a site I’m trying.
I think the url is
Try it and see if it works. It’s much easier to use for me than the yahoo site I have been using. Let me know what you think about ease of use, and visibility. . .
Gotta go do stuff, later. . .

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