Yup, here we are!

thank you for checking to see if we are still on the planet. I am really sorry that I have not kept up on the exciting details of our lives. . . . 😉 It’s been a whirlwind of daily things going on since Christmas.

We’ve gone to a jammin’ new years eve party @ our friend Mike’s house. . ..

Went to to Galena with Bill & Mollie. . . .

Been to a jam or two @ Poplar Grove. ..

And Played some more with friends. . .

We survived Valentine’s day…

Worked our butts off @ both places. . . .

Maggie’s birthday was friday, so we have been celebrating her day this weekend. Next saturday evening, we are going to Famous Dave’s for dinner and back here with friends to celebrate more!

Our friend Jan moved 6 blocks from us a couple weeks ago, so we have a new neighbor, so to speak.

We booked our tickets to california a few weeks ago, so we are psyched to go see Tod and Shirley, and the boys.

This morning, we booked tickets to go see Mary on june 7th.

Yesterday, we went to Jan’s for an open house, welcome jam. Last night, we went out to Roy and Peggy’s for a midwinter jam with a bunch of people. Our fingers are sore today. . . .

Yet another busy week for both of us. That’s ok, though. It’s been cold, and dreary. Looking forward to spring.

Mollie and Bill have gotten us out a couple times in the last month for an exciting day of winter walks and a dangerous game of scrabble or two.

Good friends, they are.

Anyway, on to dinner. If something interesting happens, I’ll let you know.

Thanks for checking. . . .

See ya…..

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