God bless us, everyone. . .

sorry we have been gone so long. Winter arrived. The holiday season arrived, and those 13 hour days arrived.

Thanksgiving has came and went. We had a great day of napping, eating, and just staying home. Didn’t even get out of our sweats. Yesterday was Dylan and Ethans 7th birthday. How can that be? Such big guys now. Tod as the webmaster yesterday, and set up a website where we could watch the boys open their gifts. A nice visit, so to speak. Last night, our friends Mollie and Bill had their 16th or 17th annual chili soiree’. What a good time. Good people, good conversation, good music (us), and good food. A definite high point of the holiday season. We played and sang and ate and visited with friends that we see a couple times a year.
Today it’s rest, clean, and catchup. Starting tomorrow, it’s the toboggan ride down to Christmas. Hang on. . . .
Oh, I’m slowly trying to add all of our photos to our Yahoo SBC site. I think you can get there by going to http://www.photos.yahoo.com, and using our address. .. . magtimmag@ameritech.net, or just magtimmag. Not sure the exact instructions from the other side of the album.
Anyway, wanted to let you know that we hadn’t died in the cold.

Later, thanks for stopping by to check on us.


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