It’s not whether you win or lose. . .

Again, sorry I haven’t gotten to this, but as you know, live keeps getting in the way.
No, we didn’t win the ipod contest @ my Apple club. Came in a distant third, with what we thought was a really good piece. Guess there is no accounting for taste. Oh well. The tastes, they are a-changing. . .
Well, lets see, what have we been doing since the last posting. Work has been busy for both of us. Weather has been ok, all things considered, so we’ve been out walking, or some yard work. Got together with Mollie and Bill for dinner last Saturday evening. As always, a good visit. Had a really good jam that afternoon with Doug. Learned a couple more tunes for our hippie medley. A couple epiphanies of old sixties songs.
Maggie is in the Womanspace art show, so we went to the opening of that Friday evening. Just not the same without the old gang showing up. Less people, less art there. . . .
We took our friend Keith to Madison yesterday to finally buy a really nice guitar. Went to Madison Music, where we get most of my great stuff, and saw our friend Mike Turk. We played and played, and. . . Tried instruments that we’d have to take a second mortgage out on to buy. . . Keith played with several nice ones, and came up with a couple maybes. . . Then over to Spruce tree music on the over side of the capitol. There’s an odd experience. An old hippie enclave of nice instruments, but the staff is a bit offish, and a bit distant. Tried several Larrivees, and didn’t really come up with the instrument for Keith. So, back to Madison Music to get the Martin that we all fell in love with.

So, after a busy day of running around Madison and playing everything we could get our hands on, we came home, changed clothes, and headed off to McHenry to see our friend Mike Cartwright. Yup, another jam in the works. The trip was a bit of a chore. Rained like a son of a gun almost all the way there. 35 in a 55 zone most of the way ‘cuz you couldn’t see. . . Got there and had a nice visit and jam. Played ’til our fingers hurt, and we started falling asleep. Getting a little too old for two big adventures in one day. . . Got home around one, and that was it. . . It’s Sunday morning now, and there isn’t enough coffee in my cup.
Starting to get ready for Thanksgiving, and Yule, not that we know what we’re doing yet. Family, gotta love ’em. . .
Starting to roll the ball for our trip to California in the spring to see the Peter Gourley zoo. There’s dates to look @, vacation time to bank, and a hundred other things. . .
Anyway, that’s a readers digest version of what’s gone on in the last couple weeks. Time to start the work of the day. . . Groceries, yard work, cleaning the pond one last time before winter. . . etc.
Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you later. . . .

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