Doin’ the ipod shuffle

sorry we haven’t updated in a couple weeks. The usual. . . Been busy with work, work, getting ready for Mary to come, and. . . the second SMUG group ipod music compitition. That’s been the most time obsorbing part of our October. Finished it this morning, and sent it in to the powers that be. The judging will be held @ the monthy club meeting Tuesday evening. The present members will listen and vote on their favorite one. . . . I think that will be ours. Last time, we did a job of looping musical pieces together for the contest, and as you all know, we won! This year, we went in a differant direction. We went live. that is to say, it’s all about us. Maggie and I played all the instruments, recorded them, and then edited it into the piece that I think will win. It’s a darn good piece of noodling. . . . We’ll let you know the outcome.. . .

Otherwise, it’s been the usual stuff of midwest, every day living. Work is busy. The weather is turning cold. Went for a bike ride on Saturday afternoon, and thought I was going to lose my fingers to frost bite. It’s sad to see summer go. As lovely as autumn is, I will miss the chance to be outside all the time.
Mary arrived for the weekend on Friday. Been a nice visit. We picked her up @ Ohare, and then went to Woodfield mall to shop and eat. Saturday, we shopped, dined, visited, and other things. More of the same today. She leaves tomorrow morning @ 6 am. Our neighbors Ann and Malcolm will leave for Arizona by the end of the week. Halloween is in a week, and then on to Thanksgiving. . . How quickly the time goes from now to January, then it hits the slow mo fan.
Anyway, we’re ok, the cats are ok and as far as I know, all of our friends are ok. ok then. . . .
Gonna go pick up all my toys, and read for awhile. It’s that kind of chilly rainy October day.
See ya. . .

2 thoughts on “Doin’ the ipod shuffle

  1. Looks like I'm the only one who didn't blog this weekend… I'll get there..
    Your music piece is wonderful. I'm sure you'll win. You may have as many iPods as you have guitars before you're done!

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