Keeping up with life, or trying to. . .

Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile, been living life, or trying to survive it. Not much out of the ordinary going on, actually. The bluegrass jam @ The Grove started on the 17th. Fun as always, but a little disjointed, cuz it was the first one. The usual gang was there. Mike made it from McHenry for the jam. After, we went out to dinner, and then back here for more music with Mike, Jan, Doug, and us. Played ’til almost midnight. . . More fun than the jam.
We did a couple rides with Mollie & Bill, though nothing close to the 45 miles we did on Labor day. The farmers market a couple times, which, is always a great time. One cannot go to Madison and not have a good time. Yesterday, we went to Madison, did the farmers market, met up with the Legos, did some shopping, and had a late lunch. They were up for the weekend, and going to the Spring Green Shakespeare festival’s last play. Sounds like fun.
Last weekend, we were very civilized, and rode our bikes up to the bank, and then for a latte. . . How urbane. . . This morning, we rode 9 miles around the area, and stopped again for a latte.
Work has been a royal pain in the butt. . . One tries to do they’re very best, and it is never good enough. It should never be good enough, though a thank you once a year would been nice. I honestly try to do the impossible, but I can’t every day. If I say it can’t be done in the time we have, with the tools we have, it can’t be done. Brow beating and captain bly tactics really don’t inspire most people.
But, all in all, we can’t complain.
Much. . .

2 thoughts on “Keeping up with life, or trying to. . .

  1. I check your blog everytime I am on the computer which is many times a day. Thanks for keeping us all up to date in such a readable way.

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