Cool Party, man.

Hope you are all doing well. Sorry this is late in coming, a few technical difficulties with and mac. . . 😦
Thank you, one and all for the birthday and anniversary wishes. They mean a lot.
Anyway, here’s what’s been up for the last week. We had a groovy party on the 3rd of Sept. to celebrate my birthday and our 10th anniversary. Way cool, man. Maggie went over the edge to cook and decorate. She made several different things for snacking on, like pork bar-b-que, herbed potatoes, home made baked beans, and, cupcake sized individual cheese cakes with berry toppings that we had picked. . . Our friends Jeff & Nancy, Bill & Mollie, Chris & her mom, Doug, Robb & Theresa, Rise’, and our neighbors Ann & Malcolm were nice enough to stop by. The zoo in California was thought of and mentioned in good cheer. We ate, and talked, and chatted, and, after some prodding from Chris, we jammed. Maggie had gone way over the top, and decorated the deck as a late sixties hippy pad, complete with futon covered in batik fabric, lava lamps, incense, hanging lights, and beads, and I downloaded some sitar music, and played it on the deck on my iBook with a psychedelic screensaver waving away. Pillows thrown around, and we were journeying to the center of our minds. We jammed ’til around midnight, and our fingers finally gave out. Had a great time!!!! Monday-Labor day- we went to Bill & Mollie’s around 7:30am, and Maggie & Mollie took their bikes to the 173 bike path by Caledonia. Off they went, and rode a whopping 22.3 miles! Good for them. Bill and I were a little more foolhardy. We rode from their house @ Main and Riverside, to Pecatonica, stopped for a water, and then went north out of Pec. On we rode on small, little country roads by ourselves, not a bit of traffic. We went north for awhile, and then turned east, and zigzagged back down to their house. We rode 44.5 miles. . . Did pretty good for an AARP ride, except for the last 4 miles or so. Ran outta water, which is not a good thing when it’s 88* outside. Oh well, we made it no worse for the wear except for a little sunburn.
Back to reality for a couple days, and then it was Saturday. We went to Madison to the farmers market with the Legos. A lovely day, with a bounty of foods to choose from. This time of year @ a farmers market is so great, ‘cuz there are more things to pick from than you know what to do with. Bring home more veggies and stuff than you can eat.
Last night we went to Tumbleweed restaurant with my mom, my sister Jeannine, her son Tyson, and his sig. other Katie for dinner to celebrate Ty’s, my moms and my birthday. Nice visit! Just kept it to ourselves. . . After dinner we went to Starbucks with Ty and Katie, and Jeannine showed a little later. Sat and talked and buzzed and talked. They’re good kids, and can carry on an intelligent conversation.
Got back just a little while ago from a 20 mile bike ride from the house of Lego to Rock cut, around the park, and then back. We’re about done for the day. It’s been a really busy week or so, and we’re ’bout outta gas. Maggie is taking a well deserved nap, and I’ll be headed to rest-ville here in a minute. I take longer to recover from extreme fun now. .. .
Hope you are all good, and we’ll see you soon. . .

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