Art in the Barn

well, here we are again. Another week has gone by, and where did it go? It was a blur.
We went to Madison last Saturday. Had dinner @ our favorite restaurant, Bluphies (, and then to hear Sons of the Never Wrong ( @ a gig called Art in the Barn. That’s exactly what it was. . . My mistake, though I sort of expected something a little more upscale. . .. It was a barn, complete with hay bales to sit on, or space to bring your bag chair. A family owns it, and sponsers the shows. It was about 10 minutes south of the beltline, off of Fish Hatchery Rd (great name. . . ), for those of you familiar with the mad city.
The art part is the musicians that play there 3 or 4 times during the summer. Apart from the allergy attacks, it was a great time! Bruce, Sue, and Deborah were in excellent form, doing new and old stuff.A good time, and the crowd really appreciated them. Who wouldn’t? They are such nice people, and good musicians.

A week of festivities. .. . My birthday on Wednesday. We went to the rib place ‘Famous Dave’s’ for dinner. I realized as we finished a great meal that, if the south is going to rise again, they had better not eat there. . . Whew. . .
Today is our 10th anniversary. . . Wow. . . they say that when times are good, time travels quickly. Seems like a week and a half since the soiree’ in the back yard.

Anyway, some friends are coming over tomorrow evening for a spirited evening of good food, and conversation. Sunday, Bill and I are riding to Pecatonica-and back- on our bikes. That will be interesting. . . Jack LaLane, when he was 80, swam across a bay, pulling a barge with a rope in his teeth. . . This is my version. . .
Have a good weekend, see you later. . .

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