There’s a bright golden haze on the meadow. . .

We’re still here. Well, let’s see. . . What have we been doing. . .

Shirley came back for her moms 80th birthday. That was really nice. It was so good to see her in person. We missed Tod and the boys, but we had a couple visits. Went to Lino’s for dinner, like there was a choice. . . Then we came back and talked and talked and talked. So many things that are better to get caught up on in person. Lois’ party was good. A lot of people showed up, as they should. . .
It’s been hot here, ’til the last couple days. I think that the heat of summer has finally broken, and I don’t have the glue to fix it. Oh well. We did some bike riding around the neighborhood, and the usual stuff around the house. Saturday, we went to the Willow folk festival, over by Stockton IL. It’s been a happenin’ thing for 33 years now. It is the fund raiser for a little church out in the middle of nowhere. The auditorium is hay bales with 2″ X 12″‘s on them. The stage is a hay wagon. We got there a little after 1, and listened to the performers. Everyone who plays is volunteering and amateur. Some very good music this year. It changes each year, sort of a living thing. Some years are better than others. Here is where I bore you all again with my Mike story. Two years ago, we went to Willow, and I was in the kitchen of the church, getting a bite to eat, and a person walked by that I thought I knew. I went up to him and asked, and by golly, I did. He and I went to middle school together, and the last time I saw him was like 25 years ago. It’s odd how people keep coming around from my past that are connected to and by music. mmmm. . . .
Anyway, we visited with friends, listened to music, and around 6, went across the road to the cow pasture-literally- where the campers are, and joined with other musicians. We jammed here and there, and there, and. . . ’til after 11. It gets really dark in a cow pasture, in the middle of nowhere, when someone has to take the lantern somewhere else. Good thing for camp fires and more lamps. It was a great time, and something everyone should experience.
Maggie had a ‘girls day out’ yesterday. She and her friends Rise’ and Mollie went to Lady Wellness for the full spa treatment, then lunch. She had a great time. After work, my friend Jeff and I had a 11 mile bike ride from where he works part time to Rock Cut park, a lap, and back. Nice ride. There was a full morning of storms, so things were still a little wet, but no accidents. There were 28 tornados in Wisconsin though. Stoughton, just south of Madison got nailed big time. Too bad, they have had enough of that kind of thing lately.
Anyway, it’s Friday night. We made it through the week, and now it’s time for whatever fun comes our way. Our friend Doug is coming over for a jam in the afternoon. Sunday, we are going for a bike ride with our friends Peggy and Roy. They haven’t been on bikes for 2 years, so this will be an adventure for all. . . Oh yeah, on a different note, Sinnissippi park is having movies @ the bandshell a couple times a week. Tomorrow night, they are having The Wizard of Oz. That might be fun. . . .
Anyway, thanks for listening to me ramble about our goings on. Hope you are all ok, and we’ll see you soon.

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