It’s raining. . . !!??!!

It’s Saturday afternoon. We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm. It’s raining. .. .raining on the day of the California guitar trio concert. . . Who knew?
Went up to Madison this morning, and went to the farmers market. Started to sprinkle while we were there. We got our Japanese eggplant, mushrooms, honey, jelly, and twenty other things. What a selection, and experience. For those of you who don’t know, it’s around the capitol building in downtown Madison, every Saturday morning. . . Check it out.
Where did the time go this week? It went to work. . . . .We’ve both been working our butts off. 11-12 hour days for both of us. Then an hour to watch the tour de france, and Lance. Then out for our own ride. We need to retire so we can do everything we want to. . . Not enough time. . . Our friends Rise’ and her husband Pierce are on their way to Paris even as we speak. I reminded her that Lance’s last. . . last time through Paris is Sunday. . . They can’t miss it. . . . .
So right now, that’s what’s up with us. . . .Not much exciting but we’re enjoying the summer.
I promise that there will be more interesting things to read about soon.

see ya,

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