Starbucks, the vacation fuel. . .

It’s Thursday evening. We have been on the go since Friday evening. It rained on and off on Monday. Mostly on. . .
We held the faith, and ened up @ Whitney’s for the fireworks. Bill, Mollie, Rise’, Pierce, Rise’s son Jordon and his friend Peggy, my sister Jeannine, my nephew Tyson, and his significant other Katie, and Mary, along with us crowed on to our patch of ground south of the building. Whitney was nice enough to supply brats, buns, condiments, and a huge grill to cook them on. Two of the guys from waw sacrificed the sausages on the coals for all.
We played games, talked, listened to Sousa music, wandered, and enjoyed the surroundings, which sounds really strange, if you know where I work . . . Finally, the reason for the season was upon us. 9:30, and the fireworks let loose directly above our heads. Even the most jaded, or urbane was instantly transported to ten year old land. . . OOH—AHH—OOH—WOW! That’s the mantra there. . . When it’s finally over, everyone’s face hurts from smiling.
Mary left Tuesday morning, and we decided to wander through southern Wisconsin, ending up @ Johnson Creek, an outlet mall. Then into Madison, for our annual fourth of July guitar, but we surprised ourselves, and Madison Music, by not buying anything but strings and a stand. . . Got off cheap. . . Then shopping a couple places and on to dinner @ the restaurant that Tod & Shirley HIGHLY recommended. . . BLUPHIES. . . If you are ever in Madison, and near the near west side, you have to stop and experiance it. . .
Yesterday, our friends Mollie & Bill were nice enough to take a day off work, and go into Chicago and spend the day. We went on a river architecture cruise on the Wendella line. That was waaaayyyy cool. Then to Watertower place, and lunch in a neat grill and bar. Then on to the lake front, and walked and walked and walked down to Navy Pier, where We walked all around, and then a ferris wheel ride. . . ewww. . . No thank you. . . We were all impressed by the pleasantness of the people we ran into in Chicago. A small town compared to Manhattan. . . We wandered through Milennium park, north of Grant park, and went to rest @ a Starbucks like spot called Moonstruck chocolates. . . I remember them from the food convention/show we went to in San Franciso several years ago.
We rested there for awhile to miss the traffic and recharge before heading home. A good time was had by all!!!
Today we went to the Burpee museum here and saw our own dinosaur Jane. Quite the exhibit and a feather in the cap of the museum, if they could wear a hat. Tonight we’ll head out for dinner in a little while, and then on to our next adventure, whatever that is. A jam, a birthday party, this, that, nothing, that’s what we’ll be doing for the next day or two. . .
Thank you for listening to my ramblings. . . It’s what I do. . .
I’ll post fun things for all of us to do soon. . .
See ya. . .

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