Happy 4th!

Hello all!
Well, here it is, the 4th of July already. Hope you all are enjoying the holiday. We’ve been busy. Mary arrived on Friday afternoon, and it’s been go go go since. Saturday, we went to IKEA and Woodfield. That night we went to Rock Valley College for the Symphony. Good show! Sunday we went for breakfast @ Stockhom Inn. Then a bike ride, then shopping an a trip to Beef a roo. Some of this and that for the evening. Today we’re headed down to the fireworks downtown. It rained here today and now it’s finished. We over-invited our limit of people to work for the festivities. . … Should be a bunch o’ people in our corner of the lot. Can’t miss the fireworks.. ……
Not much exciting happening, just wanted to update. . .
I’ll have more later about what’s coming up for fun this summer. . . .

Your cruise director. . .


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