Sunday already?

Well here it is, Sunday morning already. A busy weekend with working in the yard, more working in the yard ( the gardener didn’t show), and a hundred other midwestern middle class things.
We had our jamming friend Peggy and her nice, not musical husband Roy over last night for dinner and then jammin’ in the back yard ’til our fingers were slowed by the dampness of the cool evening. We did most of our hippie set, and a couple new semi-country songs we learned. Peggy and Maggie do very well together, singing and playing. They harmonize well, and Peggy plays well. She knows a million songs we haven’t heard, and the same from us. Doug came over too, and that went well. Not much whining, and he played well, and was ‘on’. With not much slack, he seems to be a little sharper, or maybe it’s just my imagination running away with me. Maybe it’s me, but I’ll never understand how someone can get their head stuck so far up there ass when it comes to something they love doing and are so good @. . . . Sigh. . . .
Anyway, Maggie is still asleep. We didn’t get to bed ’til after oneish last nigt, and she workded hard getting the house, food, and the yard ready. You know the reason you have people over is so that you have to do things around the house that one isn’t motivated to do unless you have the stress of a deadline or event.
We’ll have to see what the day brings. . . .

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