Spring String Thing

My lovely wife was interviewed by the Baraboo News Republic, for an article about the Spring String Thing, last weekend…

A fun time!

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Rock of Cashel

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Woke up today, thinking about the Rock of Cashel, and all that has happened there. Check Wikipedia, if you don’t know…

Lawn Pollution

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  by magtimmag
, a photo by magtimmag on Flickr.

Well, we had our first measurable snow, yesterday… People-me included- whine about winter arriving, but, it’s gonna show up, whether we want to, or not. If we lived in San Diego, then, I’d be surprised. We do not. We live south of Madison, Wi, so, it’s in the genetic makeup of our region. So, we’ll just have to get used to it, or, move…

You’ve Got Milk…

For some reason, I find this fascinating…


Good, and good for you

Good, and good for you

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boo tee ful….

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Family party by magtimmag
Family party, a photo by magtimmag on Flickr.

We went to my sisters house, to carve, eat, visit, and have fun. And, we did! It was a great time!
These are our jack o’lanterns…

What we did on our vacation

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Fun in the big city

The Magtones

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Jams, Music, Willow

We are in the green room, awaiting our chance to perform on the Willow 2013 stage…